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Higher Education Task Force Hears Raising Tuition Could be Tough

A task force studying the future of Florida’s state university system indicated Monday that it may become more difficult to get money from the state or to raise tuition so that schools here are on par with the national average.

Dale Brill, chairman of the Blue Ribbon Task Force on State Higher Education Reform and president of the Florida Chamber Foundation, addressed tuition in his opening remarks. He gave a presentation on five “narratives” of tuition inflation that he implied were oversimplifications.

He explained that one narrative says there are only two major revenue sources — tuition and state appropriations — which tie the hands of campus leaders, a scenario that would lead people to think that lawmakers and the public are the villains. Another would be the assumption that certain expenses are required to attract top students and faculty, which would lead to thinking that attempts to control costs are based on a misunderstanding of the problem of costs.

Brill, however, said the situation is more complicated and that rather than act on commonly accepted assumptions, that the task force should examine the policies that are already in place.

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