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Details Make Florida Polytech Look Even Worse

From the Tampa Bay Times, 24 May 2012

The folly of immediately creating a new public university to satisfy one powerful state lawmaker was obvious enough when the Legislature approved it and Gov. Rick Scott signed off. Now terrible public policy is morphing into absurd reality as education officials wrestle with the details of winding down the University of South Florida’s Lakeland campus and creating the new Florida Polytechnic from scratch. The closer you look, the worse it gets.

On Wednesday, a select committee of the Board of Governors started trying to make sense out of the mess created by the governor and the Legislature. It’s one thing for Senate Budget Committee Chairman JD Alexander to insist upon a new university that the state does not need and cannot afford. It’s another to look behind the new law that establishes Florida Polytech on July 1 and see how Alexander conned his legislative colleagues and the governor into believing in a fantasy.

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