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Pension Case Headed Directly to Florida Supreme Court

TALLAHASSEE — In another setback to Gov. Rick Scott and the other defendants, and another victory for Florida’s public workers, the First District Court of Appeal has granted the Florida Education Association’s request that last week’s pension decision be certified directly to the Florida Supreme Court for final determination.

“We’re pleased that this case will move more quickly toward its final resolution,” said FEA President Andy Ford. “This could help hundreds of thousands of middle-class Florida families who have seen their incomes tumble while the governor and legislative leaders handed out tax giveaways to corporations.”

Last week’s ruling found the 3 percent tax on public workers’ salaries was unconstitutional and Leon Circuit Judge Jackie Fulford directed that the money that was wrongfully withheld from salaries be returned to workers with interest.

Scott and the other defendants immediately appealed Fulford’s ruling to the intermediate court. In today’s ruling, the District Court of Appeal found that the case was one of great public importance requiring immediate resolution by the Supreme Court of Florida.

Today’s ruling rejected the state’s opposition to the case being certified to the high court.