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Agenda for Spring 2012 Consultation

1. Disability Accommodation. Faculty received Letters of Notification after the first days or weeks of the semester. Faculty need to know how to respond to the particular disability. Can a notice to the faculty member be given on MY UCF as part of the class roster or some other method, prior to the start of class? We suggest the director of the office attend the Consultation. Beth Young.

2. Administrators on RIA, TIP, SOTL Committees. There is a conflict of interest in having administrators who provide evaluations and schedule courses on these committees. Dawn Trouard.

3. Confidentiality Form. Various issues such as not being able to discuss students with other faculty. Jim Gilkeson.

4. IRB. Issues regarding use of lotteries as an incentive for participation. Barbara Fritzsche

5. Response Rates on SPI. Some students do not receive the evaluation, some fill out the form for the wrong teacher, should there be incentives for filling out the forms. Donna Malvey

6. Searches for administrative positions; interim appointments. These positions are too often filled by appointment and interim appointments persist long after a year without searches. Shelley Park.

7. Legislative session/budget. We seek information about outcomes for UCF. These include plans for cuts, information about drug testing, and the consequences of the court case and bill regarding retirement plan contributions. Kathy Seidel

8. Budget Update. Given today’s ruling (March 6) regarding the 3 percent deduction from retirement plans, we will want to have the Provost’s best information on budget. Kathy Seidel

9. Benefits. We seek information about the disability plan provided to employees by Unum. Please provide information about the number of employees in the plan, the number of claims, the number of claims paid, and the number of claims denied, and reasons for the claim denials. Kathy Seidel