Bargaining Updates

Your Bargaining Concerns

Dear Colleague,

I hope the fall semester is going well for you.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the UCF Board of Trustees (BOT) and the United Faculty of Florida (UFF) will expire in August 2012. Negotiations on a successor agreement will begin at the end of this semester. We’ve had local contract negotiations for almost eight years, so the current UCF CBA now reflects a lot of local issues and practices and suits our campus pretty well. I will be serving as the chief contract negotiator for UFF and, in that capacity, want to represent your interests to the greatest extent possible. To that end, I would like to know if there are any bargaining or contract issues of concern to you.

Until we meet with the BOT bargaining team, we won’t know what issues have percolated down from the Governor’s office or the legislature or are of interest to our local BOT and university administration. For months, a joint BOT-UFF task force has been working diligently on the issue of promotions for non-tenure track instructors and I expect their recommendations to be folded into the CBA during these upcoming negotiations.

Our CBA covers all the terms and conditions of employment such as academic freedom, non-discrimination, assignments, evaluations, non-reappointment, layoff, promotion, tenure, discipline, leaves, intellectual property, conflict of interest, professional development (sabbaticals), benefits, and salary issues.

As you know, UCF is a large, diverse organization and, in many cases, concerns UFF brings to the bargaining table are also of concern to the BOT team. We are often able to construct contract language both sides believe will improve the quality of our university and the education we provide to our students.

Please let me know what improvements you would like to see in the CBA. I can be reached at or campus mail at Department of Finance 1400. If you provide a way for me to contact you, I may do so to ask for more information or clarification of your concerns, but you are also welcome to contact me anonymously. Your input is valued and strongly encouraged.


Jim Gilkeson, chief negotiator