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What am I Legally Guaranteed?

With UFF and the collective bargaining agreement

  • 12.5% of your 9-month pay for each 3-hour summer course.
  • one sabbatical for every 30 faculty members at 75% of 9-month pay for a full year or 100% for one semester.
  • 9% raise for promotion.
  • 11.5% pay for overload teaching in “premium tuition” programs.
  • more than 100 merit increases of $5,000 each year through the TIP, RIA, and SoTL programs.
  • ownership of your research or creative efforts.
  • ownership of your course content.
  • the right to choose appropriate course content.
  • the right to do research in controversial areas, if you choose.
  • a written annual assignment provided in advance that is fair compared to your colleague’s assignments.
  • written evaluation standards and procedures that must be followed.
  • an annual evaluation that follows written standards.
  • merit raises based on your fair evaluation from your assignment and written standards.
  • conflicts heard by a neutral third party with a binding decision.
  • A full academic year of notice of non-reappointment if you’re not tenured.


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Protect your voice.
Protect your rights.
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