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Oppose $400 million in Cuts for the State Universities

The $400 million in cuts for state universities that is proposed by the Senate Budget Committee will have devastating effects on Florida’s economy and on the ability of students to earn much higher salaries in the future. A New York Times article summarizes the damage here.

How can we stop the damage from $400 million in cuts?

Contact Senators Now!

The vote in the Senate is scheduled for Thursday. Call your senator’s office before Wednesday night and leave a polite, one-sentence message. (Emails are not read in time. It takes 30 seconds to phone in a message.) An example is: “Please ask the Senator to vote against cuts to university budgets.”

Click on this link and enter your zip code to find your senator’s phone number.

Reminder: Use a personal phone to make calls to senators and a personal computer to forward this message to colleagues. (Do not use state equipment.)

1. State your name and say that you live in the senator’s district.

2. Provide a short message. For example:

“Please support higher education by opposing further budget cuts.”

“Please oppose the creation of a 12th Florida university;”

For talking points for legislators (“Invest in Higher Education”), see this post.